Umutcan Turan
Umutcan Turan

About Me

Hello! I am Umutcan, an aspiring programmer on a mission to turn my passion into a career.

I have been learning programming on my own for the last three years. I especially like working close to the metal, and enjoy languages like C for their simplicity. These days I am attending "Object Oriented Programming with Java" course over at

I am an avid Linux user and have been primarily using various distributions as my main OS for the last four years. Among those are: Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Gentoo. While I have enjoyed Gentoo on my Thinkpad T420 for the longest time, I have now settled on using Debian for most purposes.

I'm used to learn on my own by reading documentation and books, and I can use the shell comfortably. My C programming environment is Bash, Make, GCC and Vim. For Java I use Eclipse.

While I have no formal education regarding the computer science field, I strive to be a good programmer by taking advantage of every chance to learn new things and attending courses.

I can communicate in English with ease as a direct result of the fact that the media I have consumed for the last decade has been in English.

I am currently looking for a position where I can learn and get experience. In other words, money is not my primary concern for the time being. Please contact me if you think you have got a position for me.


Feel free to contact me about job opportunities, or open source projects you think I can contribute to.